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What saves you water, time, money and eliminates your EPA concerns?

The new Swabby 48 is an efficient drivable brushless surface cleaner with world wide patents that allows a single operator to effectively clean a 1.2 metre path, reclaim the water and eliminate the hazardous waste while reducing your water consumption in excess of 80%. .

Swabby 48's zero turn feature and hose management system can achieve cleaning rates in excess of 1,000 square metres per hour.  Drive wheels located inside the width of the deck allows for cleaning on either side to within 25ml of curbs, walls or structures. 

Night cleaning is enhanced by our dual beam adjustable lighting system allowing work to be done with ease even of a night time.  Call today and see how easy it is for your company to own and operate a Swabby 48 (read more)

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